the guest list
is full.

If you've already RSVP'ed, you are all set to arrive.
No unannounced guests please! We have limited space!

There will be a doorman checking names.


Fun facts:

XN's actual birthday is 11/2, even though the party is 11/7.

The roman numeral for 2 is 11, which turns his birthday into 11/11.  (Hence why paired ones are such a magical number for him.)  The day is also considered by some mystics as "The Day of Transformation," The Day Of The Dead, and All Souls Day.  


November 7th
starting at 7:00pm (-ish)  

The Ad Hoc talent show starts about 8:00-ish.

We will be going as late as it's still fun, or midnight-ish, whichever comes first.  The duration of our stay beyond midnight is determined by the vibe and patience of our host.

More or less everything will be in -ish time.


Inner Sanctum
Artist's Collective
at Dudley Square
"Red Door" Entrance
14 Palmer Street,
Boston 02119

Not much on street parking, so Ubers and taxis are recommended.  

It's an edgy, urban, creative and casual space.  We will be the dorkiest thing that ever came in the door.


You must do these

As with every Elevenses celebration there are there things I ask of every guest:

  • Dress creative, "in a way that impresses XN." (Explained below.)
  • Bring a bottle, beers or any imbibable to add to the bar and share.
  • Perform if you can in the Ad Hoc open mic talent showcase. (This one is optional.)

More on these simple requests below.


The Elevenses

My first memorable party was when I was when I turned 11.  Everyone had fun and LJ got bit by our dog.  (He kinda deserved it.)

At 22 I nailed it again.  This time we all took turns presenting bits of writing.

So then I decided to plan a 33rd.  It was in an old furniture store.  We performed and danced until late.  It was amazing.  

Now The Elevenses is a thing.  For the rest of my days we come together and celebrate each other every 11 years.  

Worlds collide and amazing people from a very varied life mingle and make merry.

This is me celebrating you, not the other way around.  Let me play host and fuss over your night of fun.  


Creative Dress-Up

It's a surreal, open-interpretation creative dress party.  

You know XN.  Think about what you could put on that would impress his easy-to-amuse tastes.  It can be formal or casual.  it can be scandalous or simple.  It can be just one little tweak or a whole costume.  Dress as if you just stepped into the wardrobe inside XN's head.


Everyone contributes booze!

Together we create the most amazing eclectic bar in the world.  

You can bring a handle of booze, a bottle of wine or a pack of beer – whatever you like.

Not a drinker? Bring non-alcoholic to share!

We will have the mixers, water and a few basics to get started.  

We'll also have limited light snacks.


The Ad Hoc Talent Showcase

Please, please please join our quirky, humble show with a 2-6 minute little bit of your talent.  

There's no doubt my friends are talented, gorgeous, clever and funny.  Which is why I am bringing you together to meet each other.  And I want you to show off.  Please consider jumping up on the open mic style, casual talent showcase. 

Don't be intimidated.  Simple presentations, jokes and quick tales are just as welcome on this stage as are the singers and dancers.

Also feel free to get weird.  Bizarre posing and movement piece?  Bring it.  Sassy drag number?  Werk it.  Moving tale of passion?  Yes, please.  

We will have a mic'ed mini stage, and a rudimentary sound system.  Those with instruments please be in touch to make sure we got you covered.  


RSVP or no deal.

Because of limited space and the sheer number of people interested in attending, I have to keep my eye on numbers.  

If you re getting this invite, you are "on the priority list."  Please RSVP so I can make sureI know of any issues early.

While I eagerly invite you to bring spouses, partners and good friends, please give me a heads up because there is a small chance that overflow could cause us to hit room capacity. 


Hey out-of-towners!

You live far away and you got this invite?  No worries.  I included you just to let you know I am thinking about you and miss you.  There is no pressure to travel to attend.  

However if you can make it, I would be overjoyed of course!


Support our host!

Please help support Inner Sanctum.  

We will have a few buckets out to donate.  $5.  $10.  Whatever's in your wallet.  Consider it a birthday gift to me.  

Inner Sanctum was designed to help artists support themselves through their own initiative.  Functions are one way they support their work.  It is an independent creative space supporting producing artists in an urban landscape that is unfortunately forcing out independent creators.  

Boston's rising real estate greed and gentrified homogenization is suffocating artists and cultural creators.  Inner Sanctum is a self-funding gathering of young talent eager to keep the city a place where art, music and expression can remain part of our fabric.

These are real, producing artists that need our help to keep alert in Boston.  Let's drop in the bucket if we can.