The Annual Pedicab Formal is on Sunday November 9th,
starting at 6:00 pm and going to whenever we tucker out. 

Cost is $35 per person.  
We encourage dates, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, significant others and polyamorous soulmates to join you in attendance.  (Yes, they gotta be paid for too.)

This year it's happening at the swank and luxurious Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge at 315 Mass Ave, just out side of Central Square (near MIT). 

Attire is semi-formal, encouraged at the "look nice level."  Ties and blazers and dresses work, but no need to go all stuffy-fancy.  Creativity of dress is welcomed, but not necessarily the theme of the night.

Your magic night of a 1,000 Slabs will consist of the following:

  • Open beer, wine and well liquor bar (up to a spending limit)
  • Lots of light nibbles; appetizer level stuff, like mini sandwiches, mini tacos and other mini stuff
  • The Annual Pedicab Awards presentation, which is like a shitty Oscars.
  • Potential dancing.
  • Mayhem
  • Drunkenness
  • B11 if we can find them.  Which probably means no B11.
  • Some dazzling presentationcraft.
  • OTPHJs likely.

We're all paying for this together.  

So dig in your pockets and pull out the $35 smackers for yourself, and another $35 hot ones for your date.

You can pay right now by clicking the button below.

OR you can pay your cash-money in person over to one of these trustworthy Formal Committee Members:

  • Jenn "I'd prefer your soul but will take your money" Brundage
  • Dylan "Can't count this high" Zobel
  • Jordan "Can we hang it in the shop?" Parks
  • Christian "Really trying to be hip, isn't he?" Matyi


Middlesex Lounge: