These are
only the nominations.

These are not the actual final votes.

The nomination process starts on Wednesday 11/29 and closes on  
Sunday 12/10 at midnight. Voting will open on Monday 12/11

You don't have to have a nomination for every category. Skip the ones you're stuck on.

If what you write doesn't make sense, we're going to ignore it.  (I.e., presume we don't know the full story, the reference, or the in-joke. Explain it a little if need be.)

If more than 5 people are nominated in a category, we will take the 5 most popular nominations.  In the case of popularity ties, it will be whose were nominated first.

Even though there are many categories, only 12-15 will be announced during the formal.  The rest will be posted online for you to dazzle at and brag about.

Have fun!