Saturday, January 14, 2017

Inner Sanctum Art Collaborative
14-18 Palmer Street
Dudley Square Boston

$30 per person / $60 per couple until December 15th.
$40 per person / $70 per couple after December 15th.
Cash can be given to Jenn Brundage, Stacey Sullivan Chance Wells, Dylan Zobel or XN.
Pay online by clicking here:

("The Slabbies")

Nominations are closed! TIME TO VOTE!

Click here to go to the Awards voting page.

The Pedicab Awards (aka, "The Slabbies") are one of the favorite traditions of the formal.  A handful of awards will be presented on Formal night, but all results will be posted online after the Formal.

What to expect?

While we will not have a broad variety, we will have a well-stocked bar with tons of beer, booze and wine.  

Your magic night of a 1,000 Slabs will consist of the following:

  • Expanded food options
  • Hot food faire (i.e., proteins); certainly enough to arrive on an empty stomach.
  • The Annual Pedicab Awards presentation, which is like our shitty-yet-awesome Oscars.
  • Special Formal cocktails
  • New recipe Take-A-Chance Punch.
  • Dancing from the group-built Spotify ultimate list.
  • Some dazzling presentationcraft.
  • Mayhem and/or mischief
  • Drunkenness
  • OTPHJs likely
  • Possibility of hot dog(s).

This year's theme, "The Spicey Beef" represents the tumultuous changes and shake-up microdramas that made up our otherwise amazing past year.  This is our second year of putting ALL the money into creating our annual event (and not into the pockets of a bar or restaurant), which means a better budget for the bar and food as compared to any previous year.  

About getting to Inner Sanctum

Limited on-street parking, so arrival by cab, pedicab, bike and other options are advised. 
We will have an indoor bike storage for those who wish to bike even in fancy clothes.

Located literally in the heart of Dudley Square just off of Washington, Inner Sanctum is a short walk from the Silver Line Melnea Cass stop and the Dudley Station bus terminal.  No big sign on the building, so watch the door numbers.


Attire is semi-formal.
The traditional point of the Formal is to have one night where we get something truly special.  Thus attire is encouraged at the "look nice level."  
Ties and blazers and dresses work, and super-fancy (tux & gown level) is very welcome.  Creativity of dress is embraced, but not necessarily the theme of the night.

We have created a handy visual guide to help you understand what is so formal, and what is not so formal.