You’re invited.

The 2018 Boston Pedicabber Formal
& Awards Night

Sunday, January 20, 2019
5:00p - 9:00p

Burro Bar, South End
1357 Washington Street, Boston MA

$42.50 per person online / $40 in cash BEFORE January 16th.
$75.00 per couple online / $70 per couple in cash BEFORE January 16th.


Cash can be given to Jenn Brundage, Jay Miranda, Nick Bancroft, or Christian Matyi.
Or you can just make everyone’s life easier by buying your tickets here.:

THE 2018 Boston Pedicab Awards

("The Slabbies")

The hilarious annual tradition continues! You pick the nominations. You vote for the winners. Fame and love ensue. The Pedicab Awards of Boston – a/k/a “the Slabbies” – are one of the most memorable and cool times of the year. Nominate many. Vote often.

Sorry, but awards voting is closed.

You had your chance and plenty of notice. But who knows? Maybe you’ll win anyway!

A handful of select Slabbies will be awarded on Formal night. All unannounced results will be posted online after the Formal.

What to expect?

We’re going simpler this year. Way simpler.

Returning to the old tradition of a short party in a nice restaurant, we’re taking a page from our roots and putting the pooled cash towards a perfectly-sized private space at Burro Bar, in the South End. No more scaling too big or too sloppy. It’s a return to a lightweight and upbeat simple night of reminiscing on the season and falling in love with slab life.

You may be noticing it’s an early night.
We’re not pulling a rager here.
We’re getting together for awards and laughs. We’re making a return to the type of night where it’s about positive vibes and laughs; where we feel good about dressing up, excited to see each other, and bring the community together with non-trike-flop-sweat vibes.

If you’re looking for a sloppy booze bash or shitty unhinged mayhem, please stay home. If you wanna have a bunch of laughs, feel a bunch of love, snag a few awards, and look like a bad Larry all dressed up, please, please come.

Open bar shortly after event starts.

Approximately 60-90 minutes, early in the event

Light snacks throughout the night

Your ticket also includes light Mexican fare snacks. General nacho fare with some light mini tacos. Generally vegan-friendly.

Please do not expect a full meal, but just snacking throughout the night. Likewise, there is a full menu available for orders if you want something extra.

Attire is semi-formal.

It’s “be an adult” night.

The traditional point of the Formal is to have one night where we don’t feel like crap, get dressed up, share some dignity and make something truly special.  Thus attire is encouraged at the "look super nice level."  

Ties and blazers and dresses work. Even super-fancy (tux & gown level) is very welcome. Creativity of dress is embraced, but not necessarily the theme of the night.

About getting to Burro Bar

Limited on-street parking, so arrival by cab, pedicab, bike and other options are advised. 

Located in the South End across from the Holy Cross Cathedral in the South End, Burro Bar is at the Union Park Silver Line stop, and a Blue Bike station is also right there.