Custom Logo & Business Card

Custom Logo & Business Card

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A logo is a start, but we need a place to out it.  So we design your business card with he same creative push as the logo.  Get it all in one fell sweep!

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The process starts with a conversation about your organization or business.  We get a feel for who you are and what you do, asking questions and discussing the idea behind your project.  Then we're off to our design space for a few days to produce 6 to 8 (and sometimes more) potential logo designs.  

We mix and match, sift and sort, and discuss what you like and what you still need to see in a logo.  We revise and hone in on your mark over the course of up to 5 revisions (one of which can be a complete re-do). 

Soon, we have our logo.  And from the look and feel we create a business card with the necessary info.  We love designing two-sided and can be as creative as you want.

If you have a request for a quantity larger than 1,000, or a special sized card, we can do that to.  Just contact us directly for a quote.