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These are
only the nominations.

These are not final votes.

The Pedicab Awards 2018 nomination process starts on Thursday 1/9/19 and closes on  
Wednesday 1/16 at midnight.

Final will open on Thursday 1/17

You don't have to nominate for every category. Skip the ones you're stuck on or don’t like.


Write as if you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

If what you write in doesn't make sense, we're just going to ignore it.  (I.e., presume we don't know the full story, the reference, or the in-joke. Explain it a little if need be.)

Even though there are many categories here, only a handful get announced will be announced during the formal.  The rest will be posted online for you to dazzle at and brag about.

Have fun!

2018 Boston Pedicabber Formal

January 20, 2019
5:00 p – 9:00 p
Burro Bar, South End

Our favorite (or just most memorable) new rider of 2018.
Some cool nicknames float around the pedicab community. Which is your favorite pedicabber nickname? Please write in BOTH the pedicabber's REAL name, as well as the nickname. ASSUME WE DON'T KNOW PEOPLE BY NICKNAME ALONE.
a/k/a: "The Unflappable-Slab Award." Nominate the pedicabber who keeps chill, or always has a positive outlook, stays positive, or is basically unflappable, even if shit goes south.
That one, poor, tragic slab who always seems to get the shit dealt on him/her, never seems to cut a break, or just seems to have consistently worst luck.
What was the best meme among us pedicabbers this year? Can be online, or just a thing we were all about this past season. Slab slang is also allowable. Yes, you can nominate more than one, AS LONG AS YOU SEPARATE THEM WITH COMMAS.
The driver who consistently or frequently causes damage, blunders, or damage without even trying that hard to do so.
Boston Pedicab's favorite Rickshaw driver of 2017 ** Only NON-Rickshaws drivers can vote in this category **
Boston Rickshaw's favorite BP driver this year. ** Only NON-BP can vote in this category **
Who is your favorite free-agent slab; someone not on Green or Red, but who deserves praise as the Indie pedicab operator of the year! Can be either an indie company owner, or a rider who drives for an Indie company, (even if they also still ride Red or Green).
The best, funniest or most epically memorable post, image, or comment thread, from any social media (I.e., WPYO, etc.) or group email. If you can, attatch a URL link.
Who do you regard as the most "normal," non-weird, socially competent, or (seemingly) mainstream driver.
Most consistently unkempt, dirtiest, scruffiest, unwashed, grossest, or disheveled slab.
This year's most epic or memorable party, or post-shift hang-out, or bike trip, or or any slab gathering that was amazing, be it pre-planned or spontaneous.
The most epic fail of the year: thing, event or person. I.e., host ridiculous breakdown, most absurd quarrel, most unbelievable accident, or pathetic ride situation. Include a quick anecdote to explain.
That pedicabber who just keeps getting hurt on the job, via the job, or resulting from of the job. Or just who you're surprised hasn't died from all this crap.
The most attractive, handsomest, smoldering-est male-pronouned pedicabber on the streets this year.
The most attractive, sexiest, or wow-inducing female-pronounced pedicabber we've got.
The most hilarious moment of pure belly-aching comedy. Name the deed, or the statement, or the gag this season that was so funny you nearly peed in your saddle. The ridiculous, weird, hilarious and over-the-top. Tell the brief tale as needed.
The biggest weirdo. The slab clearly from some other exotic planet, who consistently says or does unexpected, bizarro, weird, indecipherable ,or bonkers shit.
Which slabs joined forces so impressively that they were an epic street-crushing dream team? Nominate that partnership (2, 3 or more) that was the most lucrative, most enviable or coolest alliance on the streets this year.
The ride that was unbelievably epic, ridiculou$ly lucrative or just outrageously amazing. It can be monumentally inspiring, ridiculously rotes, or just tons of money – or anything that a driver would remember forever. (Can also consist of a series of rides where, if combined, create a truly awesome ride story.) Include an anecdote or brief description, as well as who was on the ride.
Weirdest pedicabbing outfit or garb. Nominate the weirdest, silliest, saddest or most hilarious thing anyone wore during a shift.
The slab who boosts the morale, inspires you to keep riding, always has your back on the streets, and generally helps you and others stay positive on shifts.
Who (or what) just KILLED rides or posts this year? Like, whose presence made it next to impossible to earn money out there, just by their uncanny ability to ruin ride moods, kill sales, or cause posts to drag? (Formally known as the "Don't Crimp My Ride" award)
The frustratingly-obnoxious, law-breaking, morale-deteriorating, selfishly-motivated, or ride-snaking outlaw on the streets this year.
What sucked about riding Boston this year? Name the shittiest conditions we had this year, or the thing that was just atrocious to deal with. Think of crap like the worst physical street obstacles and conditions, horrible cop situations, insane weather bone-zones, or other obnoxious atrocities that made riding suck. Include a brief description.
One amazing shift. Vibes were awesome. Laughs were had. Most everyone rich. Everything worked out right. Everyone came home happy. It happened. Name that shift.
We got lots of musical slabs. Who is killing it this year? Either band or individual.
Nominate the n00b or rider who you thought would never make it on a pedicab, but who nonetheless persevered, and unexpectedly evolved into a damn fine rider, in spite of unlikely beginnings.
We all have a “real life.” Nominate the rider who's "other," non-pedicab life is the most unexpected, unlikely or downright way cooler than their trike persona. Include their name, and what it is they do in that other life.
BEST/EPIC/FUNNIEST DRUNK ANTICS STORY INVOLVING PEDICAB SHENANIGANS WHICH OCCURRED DUE TO EXCESS CONSUMPTION. (Also includes other altered states.) Nominate the funniest or most epic tale of the one slab who had too much to drink, smoke, or boost, and what hijinks ensued. Include the BRIEF tale of why they've earned your nomination.
THE SAC. Who got screwed, majorly, for payment on a ride. Name the miserable, underpaid driver and the grueling cheap ass ride that just shouldn't have been taken. Include a brief description of the ride.
That one slab who takes a ton of shit BUT it doesn't phase them, and they just keep always hanging tough. The pedicabber who gets dumped on a lot – by the rest of us, or by Boston itself º– but is a good sport about it.
Nominate the most generous-of-heart slab who works hard to teach you stuff, lend you a hand, fix a problem, help you sell rides, or just generally get people's back, regardless of reciprocation or thanks.
The slab who has NOT ridden on a shift in the past TWO seasons or longer, but whom we wish would just come back. Things are less lame when they are around.
Nominate a long-riding pedicab veteran who is CURRENTLY STILL RIDING who qualifies in your mind as a certified Pedicab legend. An indelible part of pedicab culture in Boston. ** Note: Veteran means someone whose been consistent for 2 or more FULL years of riding, or for more than three full summer-seasons **
Nominate a pedicab veteran who is NO LONGER RIDING IN BOSTON nut who nonethless STILL qualifies as a certified legend. An indelible part of pedicab lore in Boston, whose tales are still told to n00bs everywhere. ** The nominee must NOT have rode consistently THIS PAST YEAR, but in the past had either 2+ full years of riding OR more than 3 full seasons. **
Pedicabbing in Boston would just not be pedicabbing without this slab. Who's one person who, in almost every way, we're just super grateful to have riding with us in Boston. The driver who really made Pedicab what it is in 2018.