Coaster Pedicab's national website

Coaster Pedicab

Here's what we did for this awesome project:

  • Brand design
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • CMS SquareSpace design
  • CSS programming
  • Digital illustration
  • Photo retouching
  • Copywriting
  • Social media management
  • Blog publishing

There ain't one thing you see in Coaster Pedicab's national identity that was not managed by Scorpio Creative.  From the ground up, if it is Coaster, it is Scorpio Creative.  

Some small companies operate on a national level.  Coaster Pedicab works all across the country and even internationally to bring three wheeled solutions to other businesses of all sizes. Engaged in manufacturing, local operations, systems management and advertising, this successful company s still small in number.  We needed a solution that allowed them to work quick yet maintain a professional elegance.  Our CMS SquareSpace site was the perfect design.

From the ground up, we created a strongly branded site, producing literally every piece of content.  Likewise, we expanded their SEO optimization and social media engagement.  A full scale solution at a fraction of the size.  Simpler is better!