The truth of who you are and what you need to say.

The internet is no longer a guarded maze of technical mystery.  We live at a time when the regular can get in there and manage much of their content independently.  Because of these conveniences, the small business needs a guide, not a geek.  A big, brassy, complicated website programming project is often overkill for a smaller company; the better solution is something simpler, cleaner and easier to internally manage.  This is why we equip small businesses with well organized, design-savvy SquareSpace CMS (content management system) website start-ups.

Scorpio Creative gives small customers the basics of CMS design, copywriting, image work and branding, and then tutors clients on how to keep their small site running and active.  The solution is elegant and appealing.  Clients can "get in there' and make their updates and feel proud and direct connected to their promotion and branding.  Our simplified branding solutions are a lot less complicated than the old days, where small business websites were overcharged, overcomplicated and over programmed.